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RC4Magic S3 DMXio-HG Data Transceiver with External Antenna

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Product Information

The RC4Magic S3 DMXio-HG transceiver gives users best in class data security and reliability in the 2.4GHz bandwidth along with the RC4 Two-Year Warranty.  All RC4 products come with a unique RC4 Secure Private System IDs, which means that no other wireless system can trample your signal.

The original DMXio has an internal antenna for those who prefer that option.


NOTE:  Unfortunately, due to supply chain issues, this product is temporarily out of stock.


Secure DMX Cable Elimination and Wireless Data Distribution

The DMXio-HG is a reliable, easy to use and secure 2.4GHz wireless transceiver with an external antenna that is both a receiver and a transmitter. Working together, a pair of DMXio-HG units will eliminate the need for endless DMX cables for lighting control. Using RC4 OneTouch™, control is as easy as the push of a button, and the DMXio-HG 2dBi omni-directional antenna works reliably up to 200’ (60m) – 300′ (91m) or more inside all types of performance spaces. In general, line-of-sight is not required for RC4Magic products, but dense objects between units — like concrete walls — will attenuate the radio signal and reduce the available range.

Various settings are available, including transmit/receive mode, DMX termination on/off, and channel range limits. Buttons are recessed and tamper-proof. The distance from console to stage is rarely more than 100 feet, well within the 200-foot range of RC4Magic.

The DMXio-HG is a transmitter for all RC4Magic 2.4GHz wireless dimmers, including the popular DMX2dim, DMX4dim, and DMX4dim-500. When in transmitter mode, the DMXio-HG decodes the incoming DMX universe, encodes and encrypts it, and then broadcasts it using Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum (DSSS) digital radio.  Unlike wired DMX, the broadcast signal includes error checking and correction codes and is not affected by minor interruptions and interference.

As a receiver, the DMXio-HG decodes the RF signal from the transmitter, rebuilds the DMX universe, and regenerates a standard DMX signal with the same number of channels and the same packet rate as the data going into the transmitter. Numerous DMXio-HG units in receive mode can be used simultaneously, taking the place of splitters, isolators, and distribution boxes, providing superior electrical isolation while eliminating unsightly, cumbersome wiring.

All RC4 products arrive programmed with three unique, super secure RC4 Secure Private System IDs. RC4 IDs serve as system identifiers and encryption keys, ensuring interference-free operation anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Every RC4 user and project has their own unique, protected ID. A common public ID is also provided, allowing multiple RC4Magic systems to be combined and used as one large system at any time.

Power for the DMXio-HG can come from the supplied wall transformer, from external batteries, or (optionally via internal jumpers) from XLR pins 4 and 5. A small pack of 6 AA batteries can be used for portable operation with, for example, a DMXter, Pocket Console, or other battery-powered DMX signal source.

The RC4Magic S3 DMXio-HG plus an RC4 CodeLoader cable can be used as a dongle with RC4 Commander Configuration Software.

Learn more about working with the DMXio-HG at the RC4 Wireless Knowledge Base.

Projects and productions in the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand should consider our RC4Magic-900 system.  The 900MHz band is far away from WiFi, Bluetooth and other 2.4GHz wireless technology.  For worldwide use in all markets, the 2.4GHz RC4Magic system is recommended.

100% compatible with RC4Magic Series 2 2.4GHz technology!

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Dimensions: 3.4” x 2.3” x 1.55” nominal (approx. 86mm x 59mm x 40mm). Mounting flanges extend an additional 0.5″ (13mm), for a bottom footprint of 4.4″ x 2.3″ (112mm x 59mm)
  • Weight: 3.40 oz
  • DMX Input/Output: meets USITT DMX512/1990. XLR5 male and female, and RC4 non-standard miniplug port
  • Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, a world-voltage 90 – 250VAC high-efficiency AC adaptor is included. International purchasers will receive a multi prong adapter with connections for Europe, UK, Australia, and North America. North American customers will receive a standard adaptor for use in USA and Canada.
  • Series 3 Versatility: DMX termination enable/disable; selectable top/bottom DMX channel; selectable RF power output levels (RC4Magic 2.4GHz DSSS 100mW max.) Dongle Mode combined with an RC4 USB CodeLoader Cable becomes the hardware interface for RC4 Commander Software
  • 2.4GHz RC4Magic RF Antenna: DMXio-HG provides an RP-SMA external antenna with nominal 100m range. Range can be further extended using high-gain and/or directional antennas where regulations permit.

    Transmitter Mode

    • Only 1 DMXio transmitter should be operated on each system ID
    • DMX Input: meets USITT DMX512/1990(4us) with 1-second data hold after dropout
    • DMX Output: straight-thru hardware connection from DMX input to output
    • Option DMX channel limiting: set lowest and highest channel using RC4 OneTouch™ (default is full 512-channel universe)

    Receiver Mode

    • Any number of DMXio receivers may be used in a system
    • DMX Output: meets USITT DMX512/1990
    • The DMX specification allows up to 32 devices on a DMX output.  The DMXio data output exceeds this requirement and is capable of driving additional devices.
    • Internally protected against static discharge and excessive line loading

    RC4Magic DMX Protocol Compliance

    • DMX inputs and outputs comply with USITT DMX512/1990(4us)
    • Packets with non-zero start codes are not transmitted; RC4Magic cannot transfer proprietary data or RDM packets
    • DMXio receiver output replicates DMXio transmitter input, providing the same number of DMX channels and the same number of packets per second (pps)
    • Minimum number of DMX channels per packet: 1
    • Maximum number of DMX channels per packet: 512
    • Maximum packet-per-second rate: 44pps with 512 channels, 10000pps with 1 channel


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