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RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable


Product Information

Provides USB connectivity for RC4 firmware updates, and Dongle Mode in some devices.


This cable provides USB connectivity for firmware updating all RC4Magic Series 3, RC4 LumenDim, RC4 W-DIM and RC5 EASS devices.

It can also be used as a USB interface with RC4Magic S3 devices in Dongle Mode for use with RC4 Commander Configuration Software*.

NOTE: Not all RC4 devices have bootloader capabilities, even when equipped with a 3.5mm data port.  In general, devices purchased after April 2014 are bootloader capable.

Refer to the Software and Firmware Downloads page.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

*RC4 Commander is NOT compatible with RC4 LumenDim or W-DIM systems. For configuration of LumenDim devices, use RDM (remote device management). RC4 Commander only works with RC4Magic, RC4Magic-900, and RC5 EASS. 

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