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RC4 Product Line


Recommended for interference-free operation in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

  • 900MHz is Faster, Stronger and Cleaner
  • Security Against Interference and Other Users
  • RC4Magic-900 DMXio Transceivers
  • Packed with latest features

The new RC4Magic-900SX Series enables users in the US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand to take advantage of the 900MHz frequency range, which results in a signal that is faster, stronger and cleaner than those in the 2.4GHz range. Ideal for costumes, props, set pieces, turntables, and more, the battery powered, wireless, FCC approved RC4Magic-900SX Series can be used with all DMX consoles.

Learn more about RF bands.

Security Against Interference and Other Users

Every RC4Magic wireless system (not just RC4Magic-900SX) is factory programmed with three unique system IDs. RC4 IDs serve as system identifiers and encryption keys, ensuring interference-free operation anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Every RC4 user and project has their own IDs.

A Public ID is also provided, making it easy to intentionally combine multiple systems if needed.

Learn More about RC4 Private and Secure System IDs.

The RC4Magic-900SX DMXio transceiver is the heart of the system.  It provides secure and versatile 900MHz operation when transmitting and receiving. Error checking and correction codes ensure excellent data integrity, and protection against static discharge and excessive line loading ensure trouble-free operation in any environment.

By default, the DMXio will automatically determine if it should transmit or receive, making system setup simple and easy.  It’s also easy to bypass auto mode and specifically set transmit or receive mode.

In transmit mode, the RC4Magic-900SX DMXio Transceiver broadcasts using Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) digital radio.  It is not affected by minor interruptions and interference, unlike wired DMX.

In receive mode, the RC4Magic-900SX DMXio Transceiver decodes the rf signal from the transmitter, rebuilds the DMX universe, and regenerates a standard DMX signal with the same number of channels and the same packet rate as the data going into the transmitter.

More about the RC4Magic-900SX DMXio Transceiver.

Dimmers for Lamps, LEDs, Motors, Servo Motors, Relays, and More

RC4Magic-900SX Series devices can be used to illuminate lamps, control pixel tape, run servo motors, control LED strips, and more. The only limit is the user’s imagination.

RC4Magic-900SX devices feature:

– RC4 OneTouch configuration
– RC4MagicPC configuration
– wired RDM configuration (wireless RDM is not provided)
– 16-bit dimming with multiple PWM frequencies and multiple dimmer curves
– hobby servo motor control
– RC4 Digital Persistence
– HSL Color Controller
– RC4 ColorMatch
– RC4 Flkr Effects Engine
– DMX data in and out
– RC4 HotPatch
– high efficiency 5V- 35VDC voltage input range

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All RC4MAGIC-900SX Products

RC4Magic-900 is licensed ONLY for use in USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. 

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