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RC4Magic-900 Accessory Kit

RC4Magic 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle

The RC4Magic USB 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle configuration dongle is a simple wireless interface device for connecting a PC or mac to an RC4Magic Series 3 900MHz system.

Together with RC4 Commander Configuration Software, a wide array of features and functions are easily configured with the ease of a PC or MAC based graphical user interface.

RC4 Commander Configuration Software does not require this dongle — an RC4Magic Series 3 device, together with an RC4 CodeLoader Cable, provides a Dongle Mode that functions exactly like this dedicated USB device.  It is up to you which connection hardware you prefer to use. The RC4 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle does allow for easier portability. By getting power directly from your computer there is no need to be tied to a wall outlet.

New for Series 3: The RC4Magic S3 DMXio plus an RC4 CodeLoader can be used as a dongle with our RC4 CommanderConfiguration Software.  You don’t always need an RC4 Dongle anymore!

RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable

Provides USB connectivity for RC4 firmware updates, and Dongle Mode in some devices.

3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable

This simple adaptor works with all RC4 Wireless W-DIM, LumenDim, and RC4Magic Series 3 devices that are equipped with a 3.5mm DMX port.


Product Information


The USB Dongle in this kit only operates with 900MHz RC4Magic-900 products.

Do not purchase this kit if you’re using LumenRadio products. Refer to the RC4 Codeloader Cable.

The power of RC4Magic-900 is its versatility. This accessory kit includes all the pieces you need to unlock advanced features and programming functionality. The kit includes an RC4 Codeloader Cable, 3.5mm to 5 pin XLR cable, and a USB configuration dongle for use with RC4 Commander software.

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