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What Our Clients Say


Reliable, feature-filled wireless DMX and dimming for lighting, props, costumes, and scenery.

Meet Our Customers


Brian Kim

Lighten Up is an event lighting company based in Los Angeles. We have been using RC4’s DMXpix Dual Pixel String Drivers as well as their DMX4dim-500 units, and are extremely happy with the quality and reliability of the units themselves and their results.
Recently using the DMX4dim-500 on a large scale for a private event, I found dimming to be smooth and beautiful even while programming effects at very low intensities.
Implementation of wireless control using the DMXio Data Transceivers was a snap, and everything ‘just worked’ upon the initial system setup and test, and throughout the event.
I will most certainly be using their gear for future projects.
Customer service has been particularly good as well. Questions were answered thoroughly and quickly and I felt as though there was always someone available in case of any issues.

T. Greg Squires

“It’s always a pleasure doing business with you.  We’re using 5 of our 6 Wireless dimmers for our production of Great Gatsby (1 is being used in The 39 Steps).  So glad RC4 Wireless systems exist.  You have reshaped the entertainment industry!”

Dave Hult

“We wired up an old truck and a fire barrel with RC4 dimmers. I’d like to stress how pleased we have been with the RC4, and with the service you provide – thank you!!”

Ian Phillips

“We control wireless motorized pieces with the RC4-MSS, operated from our automation system. It provides excellent reliability and security. Meanwhile, we also use RC4 wireless lighting extensively, controlled from our DMX console. The RC4 covers all the bases.”

[Ian likes RC4 so much he helps us out with tradeshows and seminars. One of our biggest customers, Shaw Festival now has three separate RC4 systems — one in each theatre in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario.]

Brian Maiuri

“Opening [of The Pajama Game] was a huge success and a lot of fun. Everything here is and has been 100%. Thank you again for all your help.”

Kathy Halvorson

“Our RC4 remote dimmers work flawlessly. They work no matter where we place them on stage. Thanks for coming through for us on such short notice.”

Ben Ross

“Everything is working great, thanks for all your help! This is all very exciting!”

Eddie Lam

“As you would like to know, our RC4 system is working fine. And we are expanding the system with more radio dimmers for our coming show.”

Charles Macleod

“We do indeed have a fully operating system. Very easy to set-up and install. 3 of the 4 (1 is a spare/back-up) receivers are in moving scenery and all function well. We look forward to utilizing your technology in future shows.”

Jim Caudle

“I had the pleasure of personally installing and configuring the RC4 system for the ballet, and I can’t recall any equipment that was as clearly labeled and packaged, or that performed so seamlessly and reliably. I know that Dennis Hudson, the master electrician for the ballet, was extremely pleased with that, and you made me look good for recommending it to him.”

Marc Rosenthal

“We are happy to have the RC4 system [for our Orient Express tour], and look forward to other uses.”

Dennis Hudson

“We use our RC4 units for two shows a day, and all we ever have to do is recharge the batteries. Thanks for making such a sound and simple product.”

Mark Wagenhurst

“The consistency of the controls is fantastic. Your RC4 dimmer system… WORKS!”

Scott Henderson

…”wanted to let you know the RC4Magic worked flawlessly for the High School party. Cabled it up and it just worked.
“Also found the LEDs very useful for troubleshooting. I had a USB to DMX interface in front of the RC4Magic that wasn’t working, and RC4 LEDs helped isolate the problem.
“I’ll recommend this product to others.”

Terry Cobb

“We used the RC4Magic system in Silence, Cunning, Exile by Stuart Greenman. It worked flawlessly. The wireless connection was rock solid. It was great to be able to use a castered makeup table with lights around the mirror moved by an actor without having a cable trailing behind to get tangled in the casters.”

Ken Wagner

“I have used RC4Magic most every weekend this summer [2007]. In my spare time I do social lighting for weddings and social events at wineries. RC4Magic saves me every time by allowing me to conveniently place my console within the event space and eliminating unsightly and dangerous control cabling from laying around. My average distance between the transmitter and receiver has been about 200 feet.”

Stirling Shelton

We LOVE our RC4Magic. It is small, we really love that. It is very reliable.

Trent Wadsworth

“When someone in the theatre industry comes up with products that are great to use and make my job easier, I don’t mind taking a little extra time to return the favor. I know this sound like a commercial, and I am naturally a skeptical person, but my RC4Magic system works nothing short of great.

“I had a wireless system from another maker, and I was entirely happy with it, but when I got the RC4 system and tried it, as soon as I got some more money, I quickly added 3 more receivers to the system, and retired the other manufacturers one. The previous unit was 4 times the size, and literally twice the price. My RC4 system works great.”

Chad Croteau

“Your RC4Magic line was aces for us. We used DMX2dim dimmers in a production of Into the Woods to power some specials that were built into a rotating scenic unit.
…”Our goal was to see how far apart we could put the receiver from the transmitter. The answer was 200 feet, [or through] 4 feet of concrete and a steel fire door.
…”As for the product, it worked right THE FIRST TIME without having to futz with any dipswitches or frequency selectors. It just worked, and worked well.
Thanks again!”

Sarah LaRue

“I used the RC4Magic for our production of Witches of Eastwick at Signature Theatre. It was so easy to use and it worked perfectly every night. I used it to control a motor and three 12V lamps in an electric fireplace. I had the receiver behind a heavy velour drape and we also had 21 wireless body mics in use at all times and I never had any issues with interference.

I’m very pleased with this purchase and am glad that I did not buy that other more expensive, bulkier brand.”

Josh Kass

“We have been using an RC4Magic DMXtx/DMXrx for about 9 months and haven’t had a single (NOT ONE!) issue. It is absolutely perfect in operation, you would never know there wasn’t a cable running to the fixtures.”

Colin Alexander

“Just a quick note to say how impressed I am with RC4Magic wireless dimmers. They work a treat on our new production of Alcina, controlling a shield with over 71 Osram LED panels, and a tracking boat with quite a few more. The small size of the units amazes me and they are so easy to use. Top marks on a great product.”

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