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Trent Wadsworth

Jan 18, 2011

“When someone in the theatre industry comes up with products that are great to use and make my job easier, I don’t mind taking a little extra time to return the favor. I know this sound like a commercial, and I am naturally a skeptical person, but my RC4Magic system works nothing short of great.

“I had a wireless system from another maker, and I was entirely happy with it, but when I got the RC4 system and tried it, as soon as I got some more money, I quickly added 3 more receivers to the system, and retired the other manufacturers one. The previous unit was 4 times the size, and literally twice the price. My RC4 system works great.”

Our products; all over the world!

Our products are used in many different types of productions: movie set, theater plays, theme parks, televisions and many more. Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, top Theatre Companies and Tours all depend on RC4; you can too. The innovation never stops at the company that started it all.