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RC4 LumenDimM6 Six-Channel CRMX Wireless Dimmer


Product Information

Small and compact, ideal for smooth RGBWW and RGBAWW LED control. Includes enhanced DMX control profiles similar to Arri, Kino Flo and Astera for hue and color temperature control. Provides most RC4 Series 3 features including cross-fade, Hue/Saturation/Level (HSL) mode, and the RC4 Flkr Engine™.

Each LumenDimM6 purchase comes with one 1dBi antenna.

The RC4 LumenDimM6 is a small, 6-channel wireless DMX dimmer using the LumenRadio CRMX/CRMX2 wireless platform. It is ideal for driving LEDs in props, costumes, and set pieces. This device provides an outstanding wireless RDM (remote device management) experience, as well as super-smooth 19-bit LED dimming, enhanced hue and color-temperature control profiles, and a sophisticated effects engine.

All RC4 LumenDim devices include a genuine LumenRadio TiMo CRMX2 radio receiver. Easily assign any DMX channel and dimmer curve to any dimmer with the press of a single button using RC4 OneTouch™, or use Remote Device Management (RDM) via wired or wireless connection.

  • PWM frequencies Optimizations for power handling, smoothest resolution, eliminating artifacts in video, and eliminating noise in audio systems.
  • Tungsten lamp dimming
  • Servo motor control
  • RC4 Digital Persistence™ A carefully engineered thermal model makes LEDs fade up and down like incandescent and halogen lamps.
  • HSL Color Controller Choose to use Hue/Saturation/Level (brightness) control of color if desired.
  • RC4 ColorMatch™ Match color palettes and white-balance different LED sources from different manufacturers.
  • RC4 Flkr Effects Engine™ Create personalized visual effects, including fire, welding spark, and much more.
  • Remote Device Management (RDM) The DMX standard for device configuration, including E1.37 dimmer control extensions.
  • RC4 CodeLoader Update firmware to add features.  Since 2014, more than 10 new features have been added at no cost to users!

The LumenDimM6 has six channels, ideal for red/green/blue/amber/warm-white/cool-white (RGBAWW) color-mixing. The RC4 Wireless Hue/Saturation/Level (HSL) Color Controller for the RGB channels delivers best-in-class color consistency over the entire dimming range, by ensuring precise primary color ratios even at very low dimmer levels using 19-bit (524,288 step) dimming. Unlike 8-bit DMX control of color mix from a console, which is limited to 256 steps and becomes heavily quantized at low levels, the RC4 HSL Controller maintains high ratiometric precision throughout the dimming range.

Learn more about working with the LumenDimM6 at the RC4 Knowledge Base.

The warmth of incandescent lighting has long been favored by lighting designers, and for good reason; natural filament persistence ensures smooth fades even when console control resolution is relatively coarse. RC4 Digital Persistence™ brings this same pleasing smoothness to LED dimming, with a range of eight persistence periods emulating a variety of halogen lamp sizes.

The LumenDimM6 also features multiple dimmer curves for LEDs, non-dim loads (like solenoids and relays), and servo motor position clockwise and counter-clockwise (only for 2nd group of 3, dimmers D/E/F).

Screw terminals are provided for connection of the power supply (+/-DC IN), two positive outputs (+ABC, +DEF), and six negative outputs (-A, -B, -C, -D, -E, -F). The supply powers both the internal electronics and the connected loads. Dimmers switch on the negative side of the circuit, ideal for common-anode (common positive) LED tape. Dimmer output voltage is precisely the DC power input voltage with no appreciable losses within the 16A total power handling limit of the device.

Six dimmer outputs are ideal for use with RC4 Enhanced Motion Picture Control Profiles. These profiles are similar to those provided by Arri and Kino Flo for hue and color-temperature control. Learn more on page 7 of this document.

The mini-plug wired DMX data port can be used with a range of RC4 DMX cables, including 3-pin and 5-pin male and female XLR adapters. The most common adapter is the RC4DMX5FA with 5-pin female XLR connector.  This port can output DMX data to nearby fixtures including fog machines, moving lights, and projector dousers. The DMX port can also be configured as a DMX input, allowing the LumenDimM4 to be used as a wired dimmer.

Either wireless or wired, a comprehensive RDM implementation includes E1.37 dimmer configuration parameters, numerous status sensors (voltage, temperature, current), and each individual dimmer appears as an RDM sub-device.

All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Dimensions:  3.14″x 1.5″ x .78″ (80mm x 40mm x 20mm)
  • Weight: 2.20oz
  • Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, 0.5W, screw terminals
  • Dimmer Outputs: 6 low-voltage DC dimmers, screw terminals, 19-bit resolution PWM (524,00 steps)
  • Output Power, per Dimmer: 10A non-continuous, 5A continuous
  • Maximum Total Power Handling: 16A (limited by safety rating of input screw terminals)
  • DMX Input/Output: RC4 3.5mm mini, USITT DMX512/1990 data, non-standard port, connector adaptors available. RDM E1.20 and E1.37 (dimmer configuration) support
  • Wireless DMX Protocol: All RC4 LumenDim devices are now being manufactured with Lumen Radio TiMo radio modules. The latest firmware is fully compatible with CRMX transmitters running both CRMX2 and CRMX Classic, as well as transmitters from Wireless Solution running in G3, G4, G4S or G5 2.4GHz mode
  • RF Antenna: RP-SMA external, omnidirectional. Alternate antennas can be used for increased sensitivity and directionalityDim ABC Outputs:
  • Multiple PWM Frequencies: 1.2kHz, 5kHz (artifact free for video), 20kHz (noise free for audio), 40kHz (for super-slow-motion high-frame-rate video)
  • Multiple Dimmer Curves: Non-Dim, Non-Dim Inverted, Linear, Linear Inverted, Inverse-Square-Law (ISL for LEDs), ISL inverted.Dim DEF Outputs:
  • Multiple PWM Frequencies: 77Hz, 615Hz, 1.2kHz, 5kHz (artifact free for video), 20kHz (noise free for audio), 40kHz (for super-slow-motion high-frame-rate video)
  • Multiple Dimmer Curves: Non-Dim, Non-Dim Inverted, Linear, Linear Inverted, Inverse-Square-Law (ISL), ISL inverted, servo motor pulse clockwise (CW), servo motor pulse counter-clockwise (CCW), AC wave (ring telephone bells)

LDM6 M6 6channel 6-ch

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