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Sarah LaRue

Jan 18, 2011

“I used the RC4Magic for our production of Witches of Eastwick at Signature Theatre. It was so easy to use and it worked perfectly every night. I used it to control a motor and three 12V lamps in an electric fireplace. I had the receiver behind a heavy velour drape and we also had 21 wireless body mics in use at all times and I never had any issues with interference.

I’m very pleased with this purchase and am glad that I did not buy that other more expensive, bulkier brand.”

Our products; all over the world!

Our products are used in many different types of productions: movie set, theater plays, theme parks, televisions and many more. Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, top Theatre Companies and Tours all depend on RC4; you can too. The innovation never stops at the company that started it all.