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RC4 Series 3 Wide Input Voltage Range

RC4 Series 3 Handles a wide range of voltages.

RC4 Series 3 devices operate efficiently from
5VDC to more than 35VDC.

Efficient wireless dimming really does matter – on every level imaginable – and RC4 Wireless takes this very seriously.

RC4 Wireless Series 3 devices utilize state-of-the-art digital switching voltage regulation to handle a wide input voltage range (5V to 35V) while generating almost no heat.  Heat, of course, is wasted battery power.

Out of concern for electromagnetic interference (EMI) produced by switching voltage regulators, wireless dimmers of the past have used analog voltage regulation.  This was to avoid reduced rf sensitivity caused by a noisy regulator close to a radio receiver in a very small device.

Today, RC4 Wireless has engineered a low-EMI switching regulator that is highly efficient (approaching 90%) and does not significantly impact local rf performance.  Of course, this also ensures the device does not adversely affect other nearby technology.

High efficiency voltage regulation dramatically extends battery life and allows smaller batteries to be used in props, costumes, and set-pieces.  This is directly reflected in less consumption of mains power when charging batteries.  When considered in the context of a large system with many receiver-dimmers, overall power savings can be significant.

These advantages also reduce the number and size of batteries eventually discarded at end-of-life.