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The Magic of Secure Private System IDs – Only from RC4 Wireless


Unique IDs Ensure Superior Data Protection

Every RC4Magic user and project is assigned unique and private RC4 System IDs.  Other users will never interfere with you, no matter how they have configured their equipment.  Their IDs are theirs; your IDs are yours.

Every RC4Magic Series 3 system is factory programmed with three unique system IDs. RC4 IDs serve as system identifiers and encryption keys, ensuring interference-free operation anywhere, anytime, worldwide. Every RC4 user and project has their own IDs. Private IDs are shared only by explicit request, with a written agreement between all parties involved.

A common public ID is also provided, allowing multiple RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3 systems to be combined and used as one large system at any time.

RC4Magic devices on the same ID form a private wireless DMX network. Multiple IDs allow RC4Magic units to be configured as independent networks, each transporting a separate DMX universe.

Up to 15 different RC4Magic system IDs can operate in the same local area, on their own RF channels, without interference. Even more surprisingly, it is possible to operate more than one RC4Magic system on the same RF channel, with privacy assured by unique RC4 System IDs.  Unlike frequency hopping (FHSS) systems that use large portions of the band, an RC4Magic direct-sequence (DSSS) wireless DMX universe demands only 1/15th of the 2.4GHz band. Even with considerable RF congestion from WiFi, Bluetooth, and other wireless systems, multiple RC4Magic networks easily find the bandwidth they require.

Best of all, only RC4Magic leaves plenty of bandwidth for multiple WiFi networks and other radio-frequency technology to perform unimpeded.


Security is just the beginning — a very important beginning, of course. RC4 Series 3 dimmers are also the most versatile in the world.  Check out the ever-growing feature set built into every device.