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The Best Tools are the Most Versatile

If there is one thing we’ve learned in our 20+ years developing the world’s leading wireless dimmers, it’s that RC4 customers will forever re-invent what entertainment is, endlessly presenting new challenges for our technology.

All RC4 Series 3 devices are the embodiment of innovations requested by customers like you for over two decades.

No tiny dip-switches. Setup takes seconds.
HSL Color Control
Developed with our friends at LiteGearTM (Manufacturer of the most widely used LED tape in motion pictures), the Hue/Saturation/Level mode allows you to quickly pick a color, set the saturation, and dim it while maintaining the color. Another RC4 Innovation!
Flkr Effects Engine™
Quickly and easily create flame, fire, welding sparks, and more. You build custom looks that are truly your own.
Digital Persistence™
Ultra-Smooth LED Dimming with the look of a vintage lamp.
DMX In/Out
Every RC4 product, even our tiny DMX2micro, can be a wired or wireless  dimmer. A simple 3.5mm to 3-pin or 5-pin XLR cable lets you distribute DMX dimmer data wherever you need it.
RC4 CodeLoader™
makes it easy to add features and functions anytime, using a PC, USB port, and RC4 CodeLoader software.
Servo Control
Perfect for animatronics, puppet eyes, mouths, and much more.
PWM Frequencies
Every dimmer has PWM frequencies for beautiful LEDs, high-power halogen, flicker-free video and interference-free audio near microphones, guitars, and more.
for Mechanical Use
Easily control solenoids, relays, and more.


Not just for lighting anymore!