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RC4 Custom Pixel Profile Controllers

RC4 pixel string controllers, including the RC4Magic DMXpix and RC4 LumenDimPix, provide patent-pending Custom Pixel Profiles and RC4 ColorMatch.

Quick Start Guide : RC4Magic S3 DMXpix

Your RC4Magic DMXpix (RC4Magic S3 DMXpix or RC4M-900SX DMXpix) has a wide variety of patented features that reduce the number of DMX control channels needed to create beautiful looks with up to 1000 pixels. Parameter settings, as a collection, are called an RC4 Custom...

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Quick Start Guide : RC4 LumenDimPix

Your RC4 LumenDimPix has a wide variety of patented* features that reduce the number of DMX control channels needed to create beautiful looks with up to 1000 pixels. Parameter settings, as a group, are called an RC4 Custom Pixel Profile™, or CPP. CPPs are ideal for...

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RC4 Series 3 Connector Specifications and Details

All RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design™ devices share many technical specifications.  Most models share the same connectors and pinouts: DC input voltage range: 6V - 35VDC.  In fact, devices continue to function down to 5V.  This allowance was made to ensure useful...

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RC4 LumenDimPix : RC4 ColorMatch™ Using RC4 OneTouch™

I. Color matching and color correcting pixel strings on a RC4 LumenDimPix A. The RC4 LumenDimPix links to a LumenDim CRMX transmitter B. It is similar to an RC4Magic DMXPix C. This demo uses an RC4 LumenDimIO transmitter linked to the RC4 LumenDimPix with two...

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DMXpix ColorMatch Using RC4MagicPC Software

I. Pixel tape features individually addressable pixels II. For uniformity, colors should be consistent even when using different brands of pixel tape A. Color uniformity is achieved by doing a using RC4 ColorMatch III. White...

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Configuration Using RC4 OneTouch Buttons (DMXpix)

I. Configuring the DMXpix with the console A. The console being used in this example is a Zero 88 Fat Frog in wide mode with 48 channels B. A DMXio transmitter is being used C. A two channel DMXpix dimmer is being used D. This process uses Enhanced...

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Custom Pixel Profiles Explained (DMXpix)

I . s can be used to create pixel displays of a much larger size II. In this example, the bottom row of pixel tape is comprised of red/green/blue pixels across one  A.The keyframe starts at DMX channel 100...

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