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Multiple Pixel Keyframes in a Single DMX Universe (DMXpix)

I. Using the DMX Pix with pixel tape, a small number of console DMX channels can be used with keyframing to create a variety of pixel patterns

II. Working with a 16 pixel  keyframeKeyframeKeyframes are a user-definable range of DMX channels used to create visual effects with pixel strings.  The keyframe and the replication method are the core elements of patented RC4 Custom Pixel Profiles.  A keyframe can use a fraction of a DMX universe and control hundreds of pixel LEDs with live creative control of the entire […]
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A. In this example, the first keyframe is 16 pixels long

1. The example starts at DMX channel 1

2. The example uses 48 DMX channels (3 channels per pixels — red, green, and blue)

3. This is then translated into a 500 pixel pattern based on the keyframe

B. Additional keyframe patterns can be added through the console, starting at any DMX channel and being any length

C. The pattern is mirrored when it is expanded based on the user configuration of Custom Pixel Profile parameters

D. The longer the keyframe, the more visually interesting it is

III. Users program the keyframe data in their DMX console

A. They control a single block of pixels that they defined

B. One block of channels can control the appearance of up to 500 pixels.


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