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Take your seat at Disney’s World of Color

Theme Park

When Disney built the World of Color, they wanted a easy way to designate reserved seating sections during pre-show.  As part of construction, street lamps were hard wired around the lagoon. When investigating ways to make them change color for pre-show and then integrate into the World of Color display, it was clear that running DMX cables was too costly and time consuming.  Working with the Disney team, RC4 adapted our standard RC4Magic DMX4dim for a wider range use.  By adding a wireless dimmer to each lamp post, Disney quickly and affordably added the lamps to the show.

When you arrive, each seating area is designated as Red, Green, Blue, Purple and Orange.  All are controlled in real time using an RC4Magic DMXio-HG and a custom DMX3Dim inside the street lamp.

Ingenious idea from Disney and we were happy to help integrate the lamps smoothly.