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RC4 Harmonized Design

All RC4Magic Series 3, Series 3 LumenDim, and Series 3 W-DIM devices share a common core of state-of-the-art features invoked with a simple User Interface.

Quick Start Guide : RC4Magic S3 DMXpix

Your RC4Magic DMXpix (RC4Magic S3 DMXpix or RC4M-900SX DMXpix) has a wide variety of patented features that reduce the number of DMX control channels needed to create beautiful looks with up to 1000 pixels. Parameter settings, as a collection, are called an RC4 Custom...

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RC4 Series 3 Connector Specifications and Details

All RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices share many technical specifications.  Most models share the same connectors and pinouts: DC input voltage range: 6V - 35VDC.  In fact, devices continue to function down to 5V.  This allowance was made to ensure useful running...

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RC4 ColorMatch™ Two Different LED Tapes

I. Using LED tape from different manufacturers can result in wildly different colors A. This can be seen most strikingly by using combinations of primary colors and comparing between different strings: 1. Red/Green for yellow (amber, orange) 2. Green/Blue for cyan 3....

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Set PWM Frequency to Eliminate Video Artifacts

I. Banding, beating, and other visual artifacts can be an issue when working with video.  Increasing the PWM frequency resolves this: A. Press and hold the 1. It will flash a pattern on DimA and DimB outputs to indicate that a...

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Overview of Dimmer Models and Types

I. Features available on RC4 Harmonized Design dimmers A. RC4Magic-900 devices have blue/black labels and operate in the 900MHz RF band 1. Blue with gradation to black, and black with a blue bar are identical systems, only the label design has changed B. RC4Magic...

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The 8 Modes in RC4 Series 3 Wireless Dimmers

I. There are various dimmer modes available in RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices A .The process of selecting modes is the same for all RC4Magic, RC4Magic-900, LumenDim and W- DIM devices 1. There are small differences between 2 channel and 4 channel devices....

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Important: Linear Curve Always Uses 77Hz PWM

I. RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices of all families (RC4Magic, RC4Magic-900, LumenDim, and W-DIM) support two different PWM frequencies and multiple at the same time II. The linear dimmer curve will always be running at 77Hz A....

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Basics of the RC4 Button/LED User Interface (DMXio)

I. RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design functionality explained on a DMXio A.  On the side of the unit, buttons are behind slotted holes B. On the side of the unit, LED indicators are behind round holes II. LED indicators serve similar functions on all devices A. There is...

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Overview of RC4 3-Button Devices (DMXmrx, DMX2dim, DMXpix)

I. The DMXmrx, the DMX2dim and the DMXpix all have three button interfaces A. The DMXmrx  is 2.4 GHz in the purple, and 900 MHz in blue B. The DMX2dim is similar to the DMXmrx but has two dimmers 1. There is also a 900 MHz version of this DMX2dim C. The DMXpix also...

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DMXter4 RDM Configuration of an RC4 W-DIMm3 (miniDMXter4)

I. All RC4 devices have the ability to use the wired RDM control protocol A. This includes RC4 2.4GHz devices, 900MHz devices, LumenDim and W-DIM devices B. RDM is particularly useful with W-DIM devices C. The process is demonstrated using a Goddard Design miniDMXter4...

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