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RDM Functionality

RC4 Wireless Extended RDM Functionality

f/w v2.118.x.x, Rev1.2 26-Jul-2021

Your new RC4 wireless dimmer is programmed with new firmware providing many new and useful RDM (remote device management) features. You can update your older devices as well, using an RC4 CodeLoader cable and free CodeLoader software available for both Mac and PC (find tutorials and step by-step isntructions in the RC4 support knowledge base).

Not all RDM controllers are created equal. The core RDM specification, ANSI E.120-2010, is a basic framework. Extensions introduced in ANSI E1.37-2012 (updated in 2017) provide additional functionality you’ll need to make the most of new RC4 firmware. We also make extensive use of “Manufacturer PIDs” which are not supported by all controllers.

All RC4 functionality has been optimized for the DMXcat RDM controller, which supports everything you need to configure RC4 devices using your smartphone. This document provides DMXcat screenshots. Other controllers may present information in a different format, since the user-interface is determined by the controller, not by the device being configured.

If you are using an RC4 LumenDim device with a LumenRadio transmitter capable of wireless RDM, like a TX1 or TX2, you can access many RC4 features using SuperNova software for Mac and PC. At the time of this writing, not all RC4 features are fully supported by SuperNova. (Please let LumenRadio know you’re waiting for it!) You can also configure your LumenRadio RDM transmitter to work with an external RDM controller, like the DMXcat. This gives you the most complete wireless RDM experience, with access to all RC4 (and other brand) devices that are linked to that transmitter.

Many people prefer to configure devices via wired connection. The miniplug port on every RC4 Series 3 device is a DMX port that fully supports wired DMX and RDM. Use our miniplug-to-XLR5 adaptor, or make your own (find the pin out in the RC4 support knowledge base).

See pdf for more details.

Look for additional information, more in-depth descriptions, video tutorials, and firmware files at: http://www.rc4.info AND https://www.youtube.com/c/RC4Wireless