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RC4 ColorMatch™ Two Different LED Tapes

I. Using LED tape from different manufacturers can result in wildly different colors

A. This can be seen most strikingly by using combinations of primary colors and comparing between different strings:

1. Red/Green for yellow (amber, orange)

2. Green/Blue for cyan

3. Red/Blue for magenta (purple, pink)

II. Balancing the appearance of white (the full mix of all 3 primary colors) vastly reduces or even eliminates color discrepancies between different LED light sources.

III. This is what RC4 ColorMatch™ allows you to do.

III. It is often easiest to ColorMatch™ white on one piece of LED tape at a time by manual mixing.

IV. How to save the color ratios that were created in the dimmer:

A. Saving the color corrections in the RC4 dimmer is preferred to doing this in the DMX console, because a DMX channel is only 8-bit (256 levels) but RC4 dimming is a 16-bit system (65,536 levels)

B. On one dimmer, long-press the Set A Button using a small tool like a bent paper clip:

1. After 3 – 5 seconds the LEDs will flash and the color will change

C. Bring the DMX levels to full to see the corrected color you previously set

V. All colors are now be corrected using RC4 ColorMatch™

The best ColorMatch™ results come with practice. A good approximation can be done quickly by adjusting white, as shown in this video.  Correction can be further fine-tuned by comparing and adjusting the primary pair mixes (described above).  When white and each of the 3 pairs is as close as possible, you have found the best possible ColorMatch™.