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RC4 AC Adaptor (North America)


Product Information

This adaptor provides power to RC4Magic Series 3 devices as well as RC4 LumenDim devices.

New devices that require an adaptor are supplied with one.  There is no need to purchase one unless you need a replacement or spare.

This adaptor FOR USE IN VARIOUS COUNTRIES (Canada, Mexico, USA) provides power to :


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

* NOTE: RC4-ACNA and RC4-ACWW power adaptors are NOT for use with RC5 EASS devices, which draw more current than other RC4 systems.

Our suppliers change from time to time, resulting in minor variations in size and specifications.  All versions fall within these specifications:

AC Input Voltage Range: Most adaptors are ~100VAC to ~250VAC.  Depending on availability, RC4 reserves the right to supply adaptors to the North American market that operate in the more limited range of ~110VAC to ~125VAC.  For international use, consider our RC4 Replacement AC Adaptor (International).

Input Connection: Standard 2-prong North American plug, fixed and not interchangeable.

Output Current: 500mA or greater, suitable for all RC4 devices.

Output Connection: 2.5mm barrel, center-positive.  Matches input connector on intended RC4 devices.

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