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RC4 Crimping Tool for Anderson Connectors

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Product Information

This crimping tool for Anderson Powerpole connector contacts conveniently provides slots for all three common pin sizes: 15A, 30A, and 45A. It is a solid, good quality tool that will provide years of service. We have used the very same tool in our shop for more than a decade.

The ratcheted mechanism ensures every crimp is tight and firm.  Each pin holder keeps the pin where it should be throughout the crimping process.  High leverage delivers a tight low-resistance connection that is better and easier than soldering.

Powerpole connectors are used on a variety of RC4 Wireless high power products :

RC4-Magic (2.4GHz) : RC4Magic DMX4dim-500 and RC4Magic DMX6dim-500

RC4-Magic (900MHz) : RC4Magic-900SX DMX4dim-500 and RC4Magic-900SX DMX6dim-500

RC4 LumenDim : LumenDim4 and LumenDim6

RC4 W-DIM : W-DIM4 and W-DIM6

Extra connector kits are handy when installing one of these devices in a new location, or setting up for quick swapping between different props or set pieces.

Additional kits of connector shells and pins are available : Connector Kit #1 for 4-channel units and Connector Kit #2 for 6-channel units.


Dimensions H,W,D :  7.75″ X 3″ X 1.5″
Weight : 20 ounces
Contact retention force, 15, 25 amp contacts : More than 25 pounds
Contact retention force, 45 amp contacts : More than 35 pounds

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