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The Heart of Iron Man


What’s at the heart of Iron Man and generates eight Gigajoules of power?  The Arc Reactor or Repulsor Transmitter (RT) of course.  What’s at the heart of the RT?  That’s the RC4Magic DMXio and the RC4Magic DMX2dim.  When the folks at Marvel Studios started planning the Iron Man movies, they teamed with Al DeMayo at LiteGear to construct the RT unit for the films.  Al has been part of some of the biggest blockbusters to come out of Hollywood and was the perfect candidate for this project. The RT unit had to be controlled in real time, be portable and be wireless.  Al has been an RC4 Wireless distributor for many years.  He knew that the tiny size of the RC4Magic DMX2dim would allow him to satisfy the demands of this special project. By taking the RC4Magic DMX2dim out of its case he was able to build the dimmer into the RT unit.  RC4 Digital Persistence allowed for the smooth, step free dimming of the LEDs built into the RT.  Because most movies today are shot on high speed video vs 24 fps film; a higher resolution dimmer was required.  Working with Al and LiteGear, RC4 developed a 6k/Video version of our standard DMX2dim and DMX4dim.  Working at 6k heartz ensured that he would avoid the frame buffering that can often be problematic with LEDs and video.

For more information on Al DeMayo and LiteGear visit their site here: www.litegear.com

For more information about Marvel Comics and Iron Man visit their site here: marvel.com/movies

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