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Keith Urban’s LED Guitar by Strictly FX


When Keith Urban wanted his guitar to light up, he called the creative team at Strictly FX.

Making an illuminated guitar with LEDs might seem easy.  Get some LED ribbon, batteries and a switch, right? But what if you want to control it in real time, seamlessly integrated with the rest of your show control? This is where the RC4Magic system comes in.  By adding an RC4Magic DMXio transmitter and an RC4Magic DMX4dim wireless dimmer, Strictly FX immediately had multiple LED dimmers on DMX channels, just like all the other lights and effects in the show.

That was back in 2010.  Today, the RC4Magic DMX2micro is even smaller, and fits in the electronics cavity of many guitars without modification (and is easily accommodated even when it doesn’t drop right in).  Ask about custom RC4 firmware and supersonic pwm frequencies for smooth dimming with no audio interference.  Also perfect for microphone stands, other instruments, and mobile props.


For more information on Keith Urban visit his site here:  www.keithurban.net

For more information on Strictly FX visit their site here:  www.strictlyfx.com