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Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour


Katy Perry’s Prismatic Tour Roars To Life With RC4Magic

When a call starts with “We have a dozen color-changing spears that need to be wirelessly controlled”; you know you are having fun.  This is exactly the conversation that we had with ShowFX as they prepared for the new Katy Perry tour that launched in Belfast earlier this month.  What started with LED spears went on to become mic stands from DAS Design Works, a flying “Prism” and electric guitars from Electrical Guitar Company among other wireless effects.

The electric guitars presented a challenge that required creating new technology on the fly.  The pickups on the guitars were getting noise from the LEDs.  To overcome this our Chief Product Designer and all around dimming genius, James David Smith, created a supersonic dimming curve that is now available in all of our devices.

In all around 40 RC4Magic DMX4dim wireless dimmers provide real-time control to a number of great effects for this tour. We are proud to have helped Katy Perry #LiveLifeUntethered

For more information on the RC4 Magic Dimming system visit www.rc4wireless.com