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Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino
Covered In Christmas Lights
Wireless Control by RC4 Wireless

Designed by Matt Ardine, who’s portfolio includes lighting designs and programming for a wide range of commercials and music videos, this complex wireless DMX system uses 6 full universes of DMX — for a total of 3072 channels — live in real-time.  To distribute all those channels where they were needed, each wireless universe used 4 RC4Magic DMXio data transceivers — 1 to transmit, and 3 to receive in 3 different locations.

Unlike other wireless DMX systems, every RC4Magic application is assigned unique digital system IDs that act as both identifiers and encryption keys.  There is virtually no limit to the number of different IDs that may be used in a single production.  For Childish Gambino and their Christmas Lights, RC4Magic easily delivered 6 universes, and just as easily could have handled 15 universes. (Compare this to other systems offering just 5 universes with no data privacy at all!)

Scalability, along with the best data security in the business, is a hallmark of RC4Magic.  And best of all, it’s still Real Easy to use!

Learn more about RC4Magic Wireless DMX, and the RC4Magic DMXio Data Transceiver.