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Simple processes to find and fix common problems.

RC4Magic-900 DMXio-HG Power Level Selection

The RC4Magic-900 DMXio-HG has 3 power levels selectable from the buttons, and 5 selectable from RC4 Commander. The 5 levels are: +7 dBm, (5 mW) +15 dBm, (32 mW) +18 dBm, (63 mW) +21 dBm, (125 mW) +24 dBm, (250 mW) The buttons select the lowest, middle, and highest: +7...

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Quick Start Guide : RC4Magic S3 DMX2dim

Most RC4Magic DMX2dim users will find all the information they need right here. Your DMX2dim also has a wide variety of advanced features. You can find out more about them in the RC4 Knowledge Base at http://rc4.info. RC4Magic devices arrive ready to use. You...

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