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RC4 LumenDim devices must be paired with a compatible transmitter before they can be used wirelessly. The transmitter must send CRMX or W-DMX data.
RC4 Series 3 dimmers use small recessed push buttons that cannot be accidentally pressed when the device is inside a prop, set piece, or costume. You will need a bent paperclip or other small tool to operate these buttons.

The buttons are behind short slotted openings.
LEDs are behind small round holes (not slots).
Do not poke anything into the round holes.
Only insert your tool into slotted openings.

Follow these simple steps:
1. Ensure that the two transceivers are powered on and near each other.
2. Ensure one transceiver is set to transmit mode by moving the switch to TX. The receiving unit should be set to RX.
3. Press the Link button on the transmitter. An indicator on the transmitter will start flashing. The blue RF Connect indicator on the receiving unit will also start flashing.
4. When the transmitter stops flashing, the blue RF Connect indicator on the TX and RX unit will remain lit, indicating that pairing is complete.

The receiver will remain paired to the same transmitter until it is changed using the same procedure with a different transmitter. There is no limit to the number of receivers you can pair to the transmitter. Follow the same step with each new RX unit.

If the receiver was previously paired to a different transmitter, press and hold the Link button on the dimmer for at least 5 seconds. The blue RF Connect indicator should go off (not on, and not blinking).

July-2021 / Rev1.1 8-Jul-2021