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RC4Magic-900 operates in the 902-928MHz ISM RF band. It is licensed only for use in United States, Canada, Brazil, Singapore, and Australia. Due to advantages in 900MHz technology, performance is superior to 2.4GHz systems.

RC4Magic-900 DMXio-HG Power Level Selection

The RC4Magic-900 DMXio-HG has 3 power levels selectable from the buttons, and 5 selectable from RC4 Commander. The 5 levels are: +7 dBm, (5 mW) +15 dBm, (32 mW) +18 dBm, (63 mW) +21 dBm, (125 mW) +24 dBm, (250 mW) The buttons select the lowest, middle, and highest: +7...

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Quick Start Guide : RC4Magic S3 DMX2dim

Most RC4Magic DMX2dim users will find all the information they need right here. Your DMX2dim also has a wide variety of advanced features. You can find out more about them in the RC4 Knowledge Base at http://rc4.info. RC4Magic devices arrive ready to use. You...

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RC4 Series 3 Connector Specifications and Details

All RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design devices share many technical specifications.  Most models share the same connectors and pinouts: DC input voltage range: 6V - 35VDC.  In fact, devices continue to function down to 5V.  This allowance was made to ensure useful running...

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Overview of DMXio Types and Models

I. There are several different RC4 Series 3 DMXio models with different labels, but they all function identically II. The most common version is the 2.4GHz RC4Magic Series 3 DMXio with a purple and black label, which premiered in 2014 III. The DMXio series 3.5 was...

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