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RC4 Commander Configuration Software : 900MHz (Install Notes)

All-new RC4 Commander is available for both Mac and PC!

The current version supports RC4Magic Series 2 and Series 3, RC4Magic-900, and RC5 EASS systems.

You MUST request an encrypted RC4 System ID file to use RC4 Commander. The file format is NOT the same as used with our older RC4MagicPC software.

Please request your ID file here, and select the first Ticket Type (Request System ID for RC4 Commander).

Treat your ID file carefully — it is the key to your worldwide RC4 system security.

Obtain the RC4 Commander Configuration Software. Follow the steps outlined for the program download on that page.

Below are quick steps to help get you set up to using the RC4 Commander.

NOTE: you’ll need to unzip the System ID file you receive. Save on your desktop for quick access later.
You will need an RC4Magic 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle or an RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable along with a “slave” unit. (Note: ensure your slave is in “Dongle Mode”)

  1. Launch the RC4 Commander program.
  2. NOTE: if you are having a problem, try installing the driver from this page for your system then reconnect the dongle device you’re using : https://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm

    It should show up after that.

  3. First time using the program, you’ll need to load the system IDs (then they’ll always be in there for you so when you open the RC4 Commander program thereafter) “Run Setup Wizard”.  Note: after this first time, you’ll choose “Use Saved Configuration”.
  4. Device Connection – For 900MHz gear, you can use a Series 3 HG-Dongle OR a Series 3 CodeLoader Cable with a Series 3 device in slave mode for this step. Click “Next”.
  5. Serial Port Selection – click on the COM port which you’ve got plugged in then “Next”
  6. Radio Configuration : Select an RC4 System –  click on “Load ID File”. You’ll have to go find the system ID file that you unzipped (on your desktop). “Open”. You’ll see that you’ll be back at the beginning of this step & the System ID is now populating the drop down menu and will auto choose ID0.
  7. Radio Configuration : Set the FHSS channel. For 900MHz gear, you need to ensure channel mask is correct. Unless you’ve got a custom mask, your gear is using default masks. If you’re opening on any of your unique system IDs, the first mask in the list is associated with ID0, second mask in list is associated with ID1, etc. NOTE: if you are opening step 5 using 999 – Public ID, step 6 will auto set the default mask for public.
  8. Click “Next”
  9. Radio Configuration – 900MHz. Click “Next”

Program will open & as soon as you power up a unit, the program will begin to “read”.

You can set any rule on this page & will automatically save to the device (no “save” button)

One great new feature written in to the RC4 Commander is that you can set a unit number to each device. Note: You have to do this step one by one. Unplug between each unit you’re working with each time. When you’ve got them all assigned, plug them all in & they’ll populate the column @ left in order 1, 2, 3, etc.

Then select an item in the left hand column and make changes you need without time to power up & down.

If further assistance is required, please send a message to tech support@rc4wireless.com.




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