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RC4 Custom Pixel Profile Controllers

RC4 pixel string controllers, including the RC4Magic DMXpix and RC4 LumenDimPix, provide patent-pending Custom Pixel Profiles and RC4 ColorMatch.

Pixel Drivers with RC4 Custom Pixel Profiles (DMXpix)

I. Two strings of pixels are operated simultaneously on a DMXpix A. Up to 500 pixels long (when using 3-color RGB pixels) B. 1000 RGB pixels in total C. equivalent of 3000 DMX channels II. String operation A. Multiple string configurations are possible B. Users can...

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RC4 OneTouch for Custom Pixel Profile Controllers

As of firmware version 4.064, RC4 wireless pixel controllers including the RC4Magic DMXpix and RC4 LumenDimPix can be configured entirely using RC4 OneTouch.  Every patent-pending feature is accessible using nothing but a standard DMX controller and the recessed...

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DMXpix Tutorial and Demonstration

This introductory document assumes familiarity with RC4 OneTouch, RC4MagicPC, and RC4 Series 3 Harmonized Design.  A more complete User Manual for the DMXpix will be available soon.  In the meantime, do not hesitate to contact RC4 Wireless for additional information...

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