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USITT Stage Expo Seminar: Wireless Light and Motion for Propsmasters

Mar 14, 2013 | Articles, Press Release


USITT Stage Expo Seminar:
Wireless Light and Motion for Propsmasters

A do-not-miss presentation for propsmasters, costume people, and anyone else interested in DMX-controlled wireless lighting and motion in props, practicals, costumes, and more.

Guests will present physical examples of their work – not just another PowerPoint yawn – letting you see fascinating wireless technology up close and learn about just how difficult – or easy – it was to make props do more than look pretty. Presenters include:

Craig Gottschalk, Lighting & Sound Director
Milwaukee Repertory Theater

Sean Dane, Prop Shop Foreman
Kansas City Repertory Theatre

Peter M. Anderson, Lighting and Sound Supervisor
Northwestern University Theatre & Interpretation Center

Travis Shupe, Master Electrician, and Lee Fiskness, Lighting Director
The Santa Fe Opera

And the chair, bringing them all together:
James David Smith
, President and Chief Product Designer
RC4 Wireless

Read the seminar description on the USITT website and plan to attend on Wednesday March 20 from 6pm – 7:15pm. We look forward to seeing you!

New Products from RC4 Wireless

Discover the new RC4Magic DMXi2c. Live, real-time wireless DMX for your next ArduinoBasic Stamp, or Raspberry Pi project using the I2C or SPI serial port.

Flickering! With RC4Magic DMX2flkr and DMX4flkr wireless flicker engines. Candle flames, arc welding, color shifting, you name it, these cool little devices can do it for you. Beautiful effects, faster than DMX typically delivers, wirelessly controlled. Already used by Disney. Now you can use it, too!

EL-Wire and EL-Tape, telephone bells, and other small AC loads. The RC4Magic DMXfb is a software controlled miniature AC inverter providing variable voltage and frequency under wireless DMX control. Perhaps the most versatile device in the RC4Magic line-up. Remarkable!

HUGE RC4 Announcement at
USITT Brag & Swag / New Product Showcase

RC4 is the final presenter at this year’s USITT Brag & Swag / New Product Showcase. We’re the headliner, the main attraction, the closing act. And for good reason. Don’t miss one of the biggest announcements in our corporate history.

Are we announcing something that will be meaningful to YOU? Absolutely. We’re not corporate dead heads… everything we do is for you.

Come to the USITT Brag & Swag on the evening of Thursday March 21, stay to the end, and discover how and why RC4 is even better today than ever before. Like… WOW!


Our products; all over the world!

Our products are used in many different types of productions: movie set, theater plays, theme parks, televisions and many more. Cirque Du Soleil, Disney, top Theatre Companies and Tours all depend on RC4; you can too. The innovation never stops at the company that started it all.