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RC4 RMA Process

For details about the RC4 Wireless Warranty, please refer to this page.

  1. Many common problems are easily resolved with the RC4 Knowledge Base, FAQ and user Forum. Please check these resources first.
  2. Before deciding that a device should be returned, please submit a Tech Support Ticket for assistance from RC4 Wireless.
  3. If an RC4 representative has requested that you complete an RMA request, submit the form below, leaving the RMA # space empty. We will promptly get back to you with an RMA number.
  4. Add a copy of this RMA form, with the assigned RMA number, to the package containing your devices being returned.
  5. Clearly write the RMA # on the outside of the package.


RC4 Wireless - Return Material Authorization (RMA) Form

  • Choose the gear in the drop down menu above. If it's not listed, choose "other" and provide details below.
  • Serial NumberSystem IDs: ID0, ID1, ID2 (if applicable)Description of problem 
    To add more than one unit, click the + button on the end of each line entered.
  • Max. file size: 200 MB.
    If you've got video or images that would better show us the problem you're having, please feel free to upload here. Sometimes we might be able to suggest a fix immediately!

Contact Information

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For fastest tech-support response, please create a ticket. Multiple people -- real people! -- respond to support tickets to ensure responsiveness. Your satisfaction is very important to us.