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RC4 LumenDim CRMX : Get Started Kit

RC4 LumenDimIO-100 Transceiver


RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable


3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable


3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Male) Adaptor Cable



Product Information

Just starting out?

Which RF band is right for you?

This is the starting point to building your own system.

This RC4 LumenDim CRMX (2.4GHz) option starts you off with a transceiver (TX) LDIO-100 and includes three useful accessories for data interfacing, configuring via Mac or PC, and updating firmware :  Codeloader Cable, 3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) and (Male) Adaptor Cables.

From this starting point, add dimmers from the RC4 LumenDim line to custom build the starter kit you need whether that be a LumenDimPixMicro or seven 6-channel dimmers. Add as many as you need!

And once you have your kit started, adding in the future is easy!

The LumenDimIO-100 can be used as a LumenRadio CRMX transmitter or receiver. It transmits wireless DMX and RDM with up to 100mW of RF power in the 2.4GHz band.

With genuine LumenRadio CRMX RF technology inside, all RC4 LumenDim devices are compatible with ARRI, Robe, Kino Flo, Litegear, Ayrton, LumenRadio and many others.


DMX wireless dimming for props and costumes.

Good enough for NetFlix in Stranger Things, RC4 LumenDim is good enough for you.


** We also offer two other lines : RC4Magic which operates in the internationally licensed 2.4GHz band & RC4Magic-900, a 900MHz system for use in select countries **


Still unsure about where to start? Open a tech support ticket. Tell us what you need to do. Include diagrams/photos, ask about batteries & lights. We’re here to help.


Prices and specifications subject to change without notice.


Unsure which product is best for your needs?

Use our RC4 Online Product Guide to find the best devices for your needs.