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RC4Magic 2.4GHz High Gain Accessory Kit

RC4Magic 2.4GHz HG-Configuration Dongle

The USB 2.4GHz HG-Configuration Dongle is a simple wireless interface device for connecting a PC or MAC to an RC4Magic Series 3 2.4GHz system.

RC4 Series 3 CodeLoader Cable

Provides USB connectivity for RC4 firmware updates, and Dongle Mode in some devices.


3.5mm Miniplug to 5-Pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable

This simple adaptor works with all RC4 Wireless W-DIM, LumenDim, and RC4Magic Series 3 devices that are equipped with a 3.5mm DMX port.


Product Information

The USB Dongle in this kit only operates with 2.4GHz RC4Magic products.

* Do not purchase this kit if you’re using RC4Magic 900MHz or LumenRadio products *

For LumenRadio, refer to the RC4 Codeloader Cable.

For RC4Magic 900MHz, refer to the RC4Magic 900MHz HG-Configuration Dongle and/or RC4 Codeloader Cable.

The power of RC4Magic is its versatility.

This 3 piece accessory kit includes all the pieces you need to unlock advanced features and programming functionality for your RC4Magic 2.4GHz system : RC4Magic USB 2.4GHz HG-Configuration Dongle, RC4 Codeloader Cable, and a 3.5mm Miniplug to 5-pin XLR (Female) Adaptor Cable, all used with RC4 Commander software.

Note: the previous XStick configuration dongle has been discontinued.

Unsure which product is best for your needs?

Use our RC4 Online Product Guide to find the best devices for your needs.