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RC4Magic 900MHz Rental

Enter the from and to dates to calculate the pricing for the items on this catalog.

Please enter the rental period dates to see pricing.

RC4Magic rentals are easy!

Step 1: Please review our terms and conditions.

Step 2: Enter your rental start and end dates then click the green Calculate Rate button in the box below.  Later you can edit and change these dates to fit your budget or if your project needs change. When you click the button you will see our rental rates for your initially entered dates and Add to cart buttons will appear for each RC4Magic device shown below.

Step 3: Choose RC4Magic devices to build your system. Click Add to cart for each different model you wish to rent. You can click multiple times to increment quantities, or enter quantities later*. Selected items appear on the right. If you need your rental units programmed to existing RC4Magic system IDs, you can enter your IDs on the final checkout page. 

* Stock availability is limited on our rental line.

Step 4: When your list is complete, click View and Edit DetailsDon't worry, you can come back here if you need to add something later.

Step 5: On the View and Edit page, edit quantities and dates, and review all applicable charges. When you are happy with your items, dates, and charges, click Proceed to Checkout.

Step 6: On the Checkout page, enter your contact, billing, and shipping details. (This is also where you can enter your system IDs if you own an RC4Magic system and are adding to an existing system setup.)

Unsure which product is best for your needs?

Use our RC4 Online Product Guide to find the best devices for your needs.