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RC4 Knowledge Base

Graphical RDM with LumenRadio SuperNova Software

I. When working with LumenRadio wireless RDM protocol products, it’s best to use a LumenRadio TX1 or TX2 transmitter

A. The RC4 LumenDimIO basic CRMX transmitter is not RDM-capable and cannot be used with SuperNova software

II. Using the LumenRadio SuperNova software

A. Connect the LumenRadio transmitter to the computer via Ethernet

A. A pop-up window will acknowledge which Ethernet port is being used

B. Press OK

C. The computer will identify the transmitter on screen

D. Click the Discovery tab

1. Click Full Discovery

a. All devices will appear on the screen

b. Any RDM fixtures or devices that are currently paired with the LumenRadio transmitter will appear on screen, not just RC4 devices

E. The CRMX RF modules inside the devices are identified on screen

1. The on-screen graphic will link the CRMX card with its associated product

a. The wireless links are dotted lines

b. The physical links inside the devices are solid lines

c. Those lines can be dimmed for ease of use

III. Going into a device in the LumenRadio SuperNova software

A .Putting the cursor over the product will identify the product name

1. RC4 dimmers inside each RC4 device appear as subdevices, each with their own icon, name, and more

B. Double clicking on the main device will open a small window

C. This window has several tabs inside, including sensors

D. Clicking the sensor tab will give information on battery voltage, internal temperature, and, if a load is running, the current draw

E. Clicking a dimmer will make the options window for that dimmer appear

1. DMX start channels can be identified and/or assigned

2. Dimmer parameters can be viewed and edited here

a. Dimmer curves, PWM frequencyPWM frequencyTo see a visual representation and in-depth explanation of PWM, watch our latest video This chart is also a helpful resource. PWM stands for Pulse-Width Modulation.  It is a method for using a switching device (one that can only be on or off) to create what appears to be analog changes in level.  This is done by […]
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, and smoothing time  can be set here via drop-down menus

b. These are E1.37 RDM PIDs

3. These settings apply to one dimmer in one device

4. Other dimmers within the device can have different parameter settings

F. This system is ideal for monitoring sensors while the device is in use, live in a show