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Connectors for RC4 Micro Dimmers (Magic DMX2micro, LumenDimM2micro)

The 6-pin connector used for power and dimmer connections to RC4 micro dimmers are in the Amp MTA-100 series, with 0.1″ pin spacing.  These are IDCs (insulation displacement connectors), meaning you do not strip the insulation off the wires being attached, you push the insulated wire into the connector and the pin penetrates the insulation to make a connection with the internal conductor.

To ensure a reliable connection, the wires should be inserted using an Amp tool.  The simplest low-cost tool is Amp part number 59803-1.  It can be purchased from Digikey directly.  You must use the size of wire that a particular connector shell is designed for.

Mating shells are available for a  range of wire sizes.  The color of the shell indicates the size it is intended for.  The part we normally supply accepts 22AWG wire and has a red shell.  A wide range of other connectors can also be used.  A selection of these can be viewed at Digikey.

You can also purchase premade MTA-100 assemblies from RC4 Wireless online store here. These are identical to the one that is shipped with new micro dimmers.  Some 3rd-party custom cable manufacturers also offer MTA-100 cable services.