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W-DIMm3 Three-Channel Miniature Dimmer for W-DMX

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Product Information

The W-DIMm3 is a super-compact, battery-powered 3-channel dimmer for LEDs, lamps, and motors in small props, costumes, and more that operates on the W-DMX control platform.

The W-DIMm3 is an extremely compact, battery-powered wireless 3-channel DMX dimmer on the W-DMX platform that is ideal for dimming lamps, LEDs and motors in small props and more. The RC4 Series 3 W-DIMm3 packs a powerful punch in a small package, thanks to a variety of  RC4 Harmonized Design features, as well as the legendary RC4 reliability. The W-DIMm3 has a genuine Wireless Solution W-DMX radio receiver is built-in, and is compatible with numerous wireless DMX products from a range of manufacturers.

The W-DIMm3 features:

This is the smallest W-DIM unit available from RC4; it includes a built-in radio receiver and uses RC4 OneTouch™ for easy assignment of any DMX channel and dimmer curve to any dimmer with the press of a single button.  Optionally, device configuration can also be done with Remote Device Management; however, RDM requires an RDM-capable W-DMX transceiver card in the W-DIMm3 and an RDM-capable W-DMX transmitter.

Like all RC4 dimmers, the W-DIMm3 features a variety of dimming curves:  Non-Dim, Non-Dim Inverted, Linear, Linear Inverted, Inverse-Square-Law , Inverse-Square-Law  inverted, servo motor pulse clockwise and servo motor pulse counter-clockwise.

The RC4 Series 3 W-DIMm3 provides three dimmers, which is ideal for red-green-blue (RGB) LED color-mixing.  The RC4 Hue/Saturation/Level (HSL) Color Controller delivers best-in-class color consistency over the entire dimming range, by ensuring precise primary color ratios even at very low dimmer levels using 16-bit (65,536 step) dimming.  Unlike single-channel DMX control of color mix from a console, which is limited to 256 steps and becomes heavily quantized at low levels, the RC4 HSL Color Controller maintains high ratiometric precision throughout the dimming range.


Learn more about working with the W-DIMm3 online at the RC4 Knowledge Base


Problematic visual anomalies are easy to eliminate using the four PWM frequencies that are part of the W-DIMm3. Low frequencies (77Hz) are most efficient, and are ideal for high-wattage incandescent lighting.  Mid frequencies (615Hz) will improve the appearance of LEDs by eliminating visible strobing in human peripheral vision.  High frequencies (5kHz) eliminate video artifacts.  And finally, supersonic PWM frequencies (20kHz), though least efficient for power handling, provide PWM dimming without audio interference when used near microphones and electrified musical instruments.

The W-DIMm3 has a wired DMX data port;  in most cases, this port is used to output data to nearby fixtures including fog machines, moving lights, and projector dousers.  The DMX port can also be configured as a DMX input, allowing the W-DIMm3 to be used as a wired dimmer.

Screw terminals are provided for connection of the power supply (+/-DC IN) and load devices (+/-DimA, +/-DimB, +/-DimC). The supply powers both the internal electronics and the connected loads. Dimmers switch on the negative side of the circuit, ideal for common-anode (common positive) LED tape. Dimmer output voltage is precisely the DC power input voltage with no appreciable losses within the 16A total power handling limit of the device.

The DMX mini-plug port can be used with a range of RC4 DMX cables, including 3-pin and 5-pin male and female XLR adapters.  The most common adapter is the RC4DMX5FA with 5-pin female XLR connector.

NOTE: This product now comes with external antenna.

RC4Magic Series 3 W-DIMm3 Specifications

Dimensions: 3.14″ x 1.57″ x .787:  (80mm x 40mm x 20mm)

Weight: 1.70oz

Power Input: 6VDC – 35VDC, 0.4W idle draw, ~87% regulation efficiency, screw terminal connections

Dimmer Outputs: 3 low-voltage DC dimmers, screw terminal connections, 16-bit resolution PWM (16,384 steps)

Output Power, per Dimmer: 10A non-continuous, 5A continuous

Maximum Total Power Handling: 16A (limited by rating of input screw terminals)

RC4 Digital Persistence™: 8 user-selectable persistence periods emulating a range of filament lamps*

Sensors: Input voltage, internal temperature, total current draw (sum of 3 dimmers)*

DMX Input/Output: RC4 3.5mm mini, USITT DMX512/1990 data, non-standard port, connector adaptors available. RDM E1.20 and E1.37 (dimmer configuration) support*.

Wireless DMX Protocol: Wireless Solution W-DMX G4

RF Antenna: hidden internal, omnidirectional

Note:  All RDM features are available using a wired DMX connection.  Wireless RDM is available as an option, requiring the installation of an RDM-capable W-DMX card and an RDM-capable W-DMX transmitter.


All prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.

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