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Update Firmware in 3-Button Devices

I. How to do  FirmwareFirmwareThe core of most electronic devices is a microprocessor -- a tiny computer. The software that runs on the microprocessor is called firmware.
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updates on various small RC4 3 button devices

A. Three button devices include: DMX2dim, DMXmrx, DMXpix, and any other device a Function button and 2 Set buttons

B. This tutorial is done using a DMX2dim

C. The DMXpix is updated the same way, but the miniplug port is in a different position, as seen in this tutorial video.

II. Updates are done using an RC4 CodeLoader cableCodeLoader cableThe RC4 CodeLoader cable connects any RC4 Series 3 device to a USB port on a computer.  Together with RC4 CodeLoader software it is used to update firmware.  When used with RC4MagicPC software, any RC4Magic Series 3 and RC4Magic-900 can be used as a dongle and be connected to the PC with a CodeLoader cable.  Purchase […]
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and free CodeLoader PC software

A. The CodeLoader cable is available for purchase in the RC4 Wireless online store

B. The miniplug end of the CodeLoader cable goes into the RC4 device

C. The USB portion plugs in a computer running Microsoft Windows

1.When plugged in, Windows Update will find the driver and it will appear as a COM portCOM PortCOM (Communication port) is the original, yet still common, name of the serial port interface on IBM PC-compatible computers. It might refer not only to physical ports, but also to virtual ports, such as ports created by USB-to-serial adapters.  The RC4 CodeLoader cable is one of these adaptors, and the RC4 XStick Dongle contains one internally.
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2. To make it easier to determine which COM Port to use, unplug all other com ports before the update process

III. Putting the device into CodeLoader modeCodeLoader modeWhen any RC4 Series 3 device is powered on with the Func  (function) button pressed, it enters CodeLoader mode and is ready to receive a firmware update via RC4 CodeLoader cable.  If no firmware update begins within 5 seconds, CodeLoader mode is terminated and the device operates normally.
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A. Note: The updating process must be initiated within 5 seconds or the device will revert to normal running mode

B. Turn off the device, so it is not powered

B. Using a small tool like a paper clip, press down and hold the Function buttonFunction buttonEvery RC4 Harmonized Design™ device provides a Function button, sometimes called the Func, Shift or Shift/Func button, to increase the number of available functions available with the other buttons. The Func button also invokes CodeLoader mode when held down during power-up.
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C. Plug in the power for the unit while continuing to hold the Function button

D. Release the button when a solid green LED is visible, indicating that the device is in CodeLoader mode

1. The device remains in this mode for only 5 seconds

IV: Updating the firmware

A. Be sure the RC4 CodeLoader cable is plugged into a USB port of the Windows PC, the drivers are installed, and the device is functioning as a PC COM Port

B. Locate and open the RC4 CodeLoader program on the PC

1. Click on the file selection button at the far right of the filename box, just below the Update File label

a. Locate the program for the device you’re updating

b. Choose the correct PC COM Port in the selector below the filename box

a. Plug the CodeLoader Cable into the miniplug data port on the device

2. Put the device in CodeLoader mode (Func button held during power up as outlined in procedure above)

3. Click the Update button at the lower right of the RC4 CodeLoader PC program

a. The green progress bar on screen will track left to right while waiting for the device

b. The green progress bar will track right to left when the device is found and being updated

VI. After all updates, it is highly recommended (and sometimes required) to restore default settings

A. Unplug the CodeLoader cable

B. Using a small paper clip, press and hold Function button

C. With a second paper clip, tap the Set A ButtonSet A ButtonAll RC4 dimmers have Set buttons for each individual dimmer output. The first button is the Set A button. On a 2-channel device these are Set A and Set B buttons. A 4-channel device adds Set C and Set D. The most common use of the Set button is to assign a DMX channel and […]
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D. Release the Function button

E. Complete this 2-button process in less then 3 seconds to avoid invoking a Function button long-press feature

F. Two or three LED indicators will blink together several times to show that the process is complete and defaults have been restored

1. The yellow and green LEDs blink on all devices

2. The DimA indicator blinks along with the yellow and green LEDs on dimmer devices