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Can I trade in my o...
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Can I trade in my old units for new ones?


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I have older models of RC4 products but would like to upgrade. I'm trying to keep cost down, but buying all new gear to replace my older ones seems pricey. Would you apply credit for old devices? 

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Yes! We have a great trade-in option: any old device (Pre Series 3) is worth $100 towards a new Series 3 device. The performance improvements and additional features of Series 3 devices are well worth it

Series 3 devices can also be updated in the field using our CodeLoader Cable

Over the years we have added numerous features at no charge including the RC4 Flicker Engine, RC4 ColorMatch, and control for servo motor positioning.  We are enhancing our Series 3 system even today, so new features are still always possible. 

Development for our older series has been discontinued.