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Configuring Series 3 While in Use?


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Is there a way to configure a Series 3 device using the Code Loader Cable while it is wired to something?

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Our configuration software only accesses devices via wireless, but you do have other options.  (By the way, you can control a device using wired DMX from the miniplug while also configuring it wirelessly. This is particularly handy when experimenting with Custom Pixel Profile settings in our DMXpix pixel driver.)

The wired miniplug connection does work for RDM configuration. If you have a DMXter or a DMXcat, you can plug into the miniplug port to set dimmer channels, curves, PWM frequency, and RC4 Digital Persistence time. RDM does not give you access to advanced features for which there are no standard RDM codes (PIDs).

If you only need to set dimmer channels and curves, you can plug any DMX data source into the miniplug and use RC4 OneTouch. In that case, the dimmer is responding to wired DMX just as it does for wireless data. Bring up a single channel you want to assign, and tap the Set button for the dimmer you want to use with it. The level of the channel determines the dimmer curve. For LEDs, use a level of 30%. If you’re using incandescent or halogen, like an MR16, use 70%.

To adapt regular 5-pin XLR devices, like the DMXter, DMXcat, or any lighting controller, we have XLR->miniplug adaptors available, or you can make your own.

There is lots more information, including tutorial videos, Quick Start Guides, and adaptor pin-outs, located in our knowledge base.