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Can I use RC4 Commander with LumenDim or W-DIM technologies equipment?


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I plan on ordering outside of the Magic product line, but want to know if I can use Commander to control either of the other product types you offer? 

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RC4 Commander does not work with LumenDim or W-DIM products, which do not use RC4Magic radios. Commander works only with RC4Magic, RC4Magic-900, and RC5 EASS, all of which are RC4 Wireless proprietary technologies.

Our LumenDim devices, based on genuine CRMX RF from LumenRadio in Sweden, are configurable using the built-in buttons, or RDM (Remote Device Management).  If you are using a LumenRadio RDM-capable transmitter, then you can use their award-winning SuperNova software for wireless configuration.  Super Nova is a free download from the Lumen Radio website.

At the time of this writing, LumenRadio has not released wireless RDM transmitter functionality to OEM developers.  Thus, our LumenDimIO cannot be used with SuperNova, and neither can any other 3rd-party CRMX transmitters.  Only LumenRadio branded transmitters will work for wireless RDM.

You can always connect an RDM controller to any RC4 Series 3 dimmer (anything made since 2014) by wire, using the RC4 miniplug port.  With a simple low-cost adaptor (which is included with our starter kits), any DMX/RDM controller can be used this way.  Very good, full featured RDM controllers include the DMXcat by City Theatrical, and the DMXter4-RDM by Goddard Designs.

Not all RDM controllers are alike. It is important that the controller you choose supports RDM Subdevices, and extended PID (RDM Parameter Identifiers) for dimmer control. There are quite a few simple RDM controllers that do not support these advanced features.  Ask the manufacturer or your supplier to be sure. This is very important!

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